Paige is wonderful around horses, very calm and quiet. Paige was kind enough to have a look at the fit of my saddle, as I wasn’t sure if it fitted correctly. She explained everything to me, what she was doing and why. The saddle needed a slight adjustment & Paige came up with a clever & effective way to help the saddle fit much better. Thank you Paige !

Paige is a selfless teacher who is always going the extra mile to help the people she works with . Always professional, and kind and considerate to learners and horses alike 

Paige has been so helpful and informative in helping me find the right saddle for my horse. She’s very professional and accommodating and I now have a saddle that he feels and looks comfortable in, in less than a week!
Looking forward to trying my first simulator lesson with Paige and a lesson in my FlexEE saddle. Thank you Paige!!


What a service!! Paige literally saved my dream of getting to Nationals!! Having never seem me or my horse before she came out last minute, the day before my competition, for an emergency fitting of a HM saddle.
Thanks to her help I had a saddle to ride in that gave both horse and rider a great feeling, we smashed our test, winning our section and off I go to Nationals!! Thanks Paige!

A massive thank you for our wonderful introductory lessons. Paige is a great teacher and we will be taking regular lessons now  :) xxx

Smartie & l always look forward to our lessons with Paige, she is very calm, positive, encouraging, has endless patience and a great way of explaining things. l cannot recommend Paige enough, she has helped me more than she knows, thank you Paige!

I was so pleased when I found Paige as registered HM saddle fitter in my local area. I had been having trouble finding an affordable saddle option for my cob who had outgrown 2 saddles in less than 4 years. Paige visited with a saddle and girth we could try and then measured and advised on the best saddle to order. When this arrived she fitted it and has been back to refit after further changes in shape. She is incredibly patient with my grumpy boy and I never feel that she is in a rush to get finished even if we have to try several different options to get the best possible fit. Many thanks from a grateful Gail and Rio.

I've just read through the notes - they're brilliant thank you! I had a real light bulb moment too - for years people have been saying how important it is to feel your seat bones and so know the horse's footfall/stride pattern, but I don't think anyone's ever said *what* I'm feeling for - understanding that the drop in my seat bone corresponds to the same leg coming underneath is huge!!

I forgot to mention that Dave appears to be LOVING his new saddle fit. He literally bounced round this evening, lovely swooshy long strides & happy ears. (Well, as long a stride as a small brown hairy pony can muster). He's feeling brill & Mel says her saddle hasn't moved even when she went up & down all the big hills!


We can not thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication, particularly remotely over lock down to help us find the perfect saddle for us both. I’m blown away by how gorgeous the saddle is and how incredibly comfy it is and immediately how it made my position better. So excited to increase our work so we can use it more!! Thank you again!

Fantastic instructor with a good eye for detail and getting things to work when the rider isn’t your standard “everything works like normal” kinda gal! Looking forward to our next lesson!