Private flatwork lessons – 40 mins

In-hand/groundwork sessions30 mins

HM saddle fittingsTemplates taken, and the chance to ride in a HM saddle (Carrying 4 saddles to try on the day) Help in locating of new/second hand saddle, discounted follow up fit and lesson.

Intro to clicker training - 30 to 40 minute session. Treats and clicker provided for the day. *Please note this is not a corrective lesson for horses with severe behavioral issues*

Classical dressage taster days - Minimum of 3 riders to take part. Only available on own yard. 30 minutes ridden sessions and unmounted talk at beginning of the day.  

*Covid update*

During this time please be aware of your health, and cancel any session if you experience symptoms. 

If your yard has any rules in place regarding gloves and masks please inform me prior to your session (though I do carry gloves and masks with me)

Saddle fit - all tack and horse to be left ready. Equipment and myself will be regularly wiped with santizer. 

Prices for all of the above to start from £25, capping at £60. Please email for more information.

**Any lessons cancelled within 24hrs notice to your booked slot will still be charged full price**