• Paige Hazell

Keeping cool!

Hope everyone's staying safe in this heat!

I know I particularly worry with two dark horses (one of of which that quite enjoys sunbathing in the middle of the day!) But there's lots we can do to help our horses stay cool!

~ Rocksalt or tablesalt water buckets (for the potassium lost sweating) ~ Being bought in to the shade, or cool stables. I hay in the shade mid day to encourage them to stay there during the worst hours, as I don't have access to stables. ~ Hose off! Lots of cool water to make your horse sopping wet! And leaving it that way. I soak bath towels as well and leave them laying over their back for a little while too. ~ Frozen treat blocks! Freeze a container with bits of apple and carrots for your horse to chew through! ~ Cool fruit! Who knew horses love watermelon? Not me! I half a whole melon and leave it in the field to chow down on! Pears, cucumbers and apple bobbing work well too!

Do you have any tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments?

(Please be aware this information does not replace advice from vets - if your horse is showing signs of heatstroke contact your veterinary straight away)

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